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Holism, from the Greek ‘whole’, involves an understanding of you as an interconnected physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. I use a holistic approach to allow your body to release pain, tension and strain, settle emotions, balance energy flow and increase vitality.

During a pre-treatment consultation, I listen to and help to clarify your individual needs. I then combine a range of strokes, pressures, movements and still holds to create a unique treatment for you. I use my hands and my presence to sensitively listen to your body and help you settle into calmness, bringing about a deep relaxation and sense of well-being.

Holistic bodywork can address acute pain and discomfort or long-standing problems, both physical and emotional. It can provide on-going support and space to reconnect with yourself amidst the changes and challenges that our busy lives bring.


Michelle, 43, Research Coordinator

 I have seen a wide range of different therapeutic massage therapists in Oxford over the past 10 years and Ania is by far the most effective in helping to relieve my chronic back problems and IBS symptoms. Her calm, listening manner, adeptness in a range of techniques, and warm, intuitive approach mean every treatment is genuinely tailored to my needs. She applies strength and gentleness where necessary, building on the work of previous sessions and gradually developing better resilience in my body. I always feel significantly restored and well cared for after a treatment with Ania and highly recommend her to anyone seeking not just relaxation but recovery and healing. 

Sarah, 23, Teacher

 I first went to see Ania just a few days after my Dad’s sudden death. Shell shocked, exhausted and broken before – I came out feeling strong again, as though I could face the world and the trials of the funeral and so on. That was several years ago and I have had many more hours of wonderful treatment since. Bodywork with Ania is always nurturing and sensitive to your needs – be it a pick-me-up or a calm-me-down or easing out sore muscles. I always leave feeling utterly relaxed, rebalanced and renewed. 

Mary, 42, Mother

Last year I developed cluster hemiplegic migraine headaches, which at their worst were completely debilitating. After an MRI my neurologist prescribed medications that had terrible side effects, leading me to seek alternative therapies. There is no question that my recovery has in large part been due to my weekly bodywork sessions with Ania. Her gentle and empathetic approach was just what I needed to feel relaxed in her company, allowing me time at the beginning of each session to express how I was feeling before starting the neuromuscular work she did on me. I think what makes Ania a great practitioner is not just her wealth of knowledge and experience but also her natural intuition and of course her healing hands! On several occasions whilst working on me Ania would ask whether she could use acupuncture needles to release excessively large blockages, which helped hugely with almost instant results. I am now virtually completely recovered from my migraines. Clearly I cannot recommend Ania highly enough!

Linda, 51, Social Worker

I have used bodywork for many years to deal with back pain and manage stress. I can honestly say that Ania is one of the best practitioners I have come across. She is intuitive and seems to know instinctively what I need from a treatment and I start to relax from the moment I lie down on the table. I also like the attention to detail such as being wrapped in warm covers on a cold day and the general sense of nurture. I personally have a preference for deep tissue massage and really benefit from this aspect of Ania’s treatments. She is very professional and yet manages to be warm and nurturing at the same time. The treatments have really helped to manage my back pain as well as numerous running injuries that come and go. However the thing that I benefit from the most is the deep relaxation I can achieve during the treatment, which has supported me in managing my stress, related to work. I have recommended Ania to friends in the past and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking effective bodywork.

Kate, 49

After a treatment from Ania I have always felt so much better, taller!, relaxed and that I have had my issues or particular areas of concern addressed. I leave feeling ‘un-crunched’, calmer and uplifted. Ania is calm, serene, gentle, professional and caring and I feel in safe and experienced hands. She is a good listener and always focuses the treatment on what you have told her so you feel your concerns have been addressed. Just being in her company adds to the relaxation process. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone in need of a seriously good massage.