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Ania Szczepanik

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The ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine

skilfully blended with modern therapeutic techniques

to gently promote health and wellbeing.

Mohamed, 45, Development Consultant

Ania is a unique therapist, not only with superior technique, knowledge and skill, but a true gift that is hard to describe in words. Ania’s ability to listen after asking the right questions makes every session different. I am immensely grateful for the profound emotional, spiritual and material changes that have resulted from this beautiful and mysterious process of Ania’s treatment over the last few years. 

Margret, 44, Lecturer

When I came for my first session with Ania several years ago, I was immediately taken by her warm and understanding presence. Her treatments, be they acupuncture, massage, or craniosacral therapy, are an amazing experience: she listens and feels into what my body and mind need at any given moment, and tailors each session to suit the situation. I am very grateful for lively discussions, understanding silences, and above all, for treatments which leave me relaxed and refreshed. 

Gabriela, 36, Writer

Ania has a way of listening beyond words, so that you feel she’s already beginning to get a sense of you from the start. And her reaction is one of acceptance and compassion. For me this is what has unlocked everything: if we can feel understood even before we start speaking, then what follows is the truth, and having the space – and time – to tell our truth and be heard is healing enough. Ania reminds me that it’s okay to slow down, to indulge a little, to give yourself the appraisal that you need.

Martin, 74, Retired

 Ania has a healing touch. I feel completely calm and cherished and reprieved of those aches and pains that almost inevitably happen at my creaky age.  An hour with Ania is a precious respite and a present to one’s body.  

Laura, 30, Youth Worker

 Ania has been my go-to therapist for many years now. Her sensitive, holistic and mindful approach has been of great benefit to me during physical and emotional challenges in my life. Ania makes me feel safe and enables me to relax deeply in order to reap the benefits of the treatment. On occasions that I go to her with a list of ailments, she is quick to assess me and move into a treatment tailored to my exact need, drawing on her many skills of massage, acupuncture and craniosacral therapy. After a session with Ania, I come away feeling a sense of relief after having put my body into her hands and it is always a nurturing experience. 

Lynn, 56, Social Worker

I came to find Ania three years ago following an emotional crisis; her skill and insight in providing treatment for my pain was astonishingly helpful. I was desperate to find some relief and through her work with me that’s what I came to know. Since then she has provided assistance following a major car accident and her expertise coupled with her gentle compassion has been instrumental in my recovery. Her treatment has provided a level of pain relief that I am so thankful to have achieved.

Clare, 42

My treatments with Ania have given me back an inner sense of balance, health and wellbeing that I have not been able to find through conventional medicine. I appreciate Ania’s calm and nurturing manner, together with her very thorough and professional approach. I have found this to be reassuring and dynamic: creating a unique and powerful treatment that I haven’t experienced anywhere else. 

Lucy, 45

Having treatments with Ania is a wonderful experience. Her care and compassion are clear from the minute you meet her, and continue into her treatments, whether through acupuncture or bodywork. I have benefited hugely from treatments with Ania, both physically and mentally. I have had pain relief, a sense of greater well-being, and a real experience of being cared for. I would highly recommend her as a practitioner. 

Clare, 39, Occupational Therapist

I have been to Ania for years, sometimes sporadically and other planned treatments. I always feel listened to and that the treatment meets my needs. She always welcomes me with warmth. Amazing treatments and brilliant when pregnant. 

Tom, 28, Business Consultant

Ania is a friendly, skilled practitioner operating in a relaxing and professional environment. She is genuinely interested in discussing and understanding your treatment needs. I have always found her treatments to be immensely relaxing and a great way to de-stress. I would thoroughly recommend her as a therapist. 

Giles, 58, Violinist

Ania has magic hands. As a musician, I have a lot of chronic muscle strain, and I have worked with Ania for several years on improving my back. She has helped my body to remember how it ought to be and feel. The treatments are deeply relaxing, and her wide-ranging expertise enables her to treat different problems in different ways. I leave my sessions feeling renewed. 

Marie, 45, Lecturer

I’ve benefitted tremendously from Ania’s treatments, which have helped me navigate the challenges posed by chronic illness as well as bereavement over the past several years. Ania is not only a terrifically gifted therapist, she listens carefully to what I — and my body — are saying, and helps me ‘tune in’ too. I very much appreciate her warm, discreet and caring manner, and always leave our appointments feeling serene, supported and refreshed. 

Louise, 46

I’ve benefitted from treatment with Ania in so many ways – and not just physically. She offers a safe space to relinquish all concerns. Ania has a kind heart and is wonderful listener as well as a very compassionate practitioner. Her treatments are holistic, tailored, and considered. I feel grounded and balanced after a session, as well as very supported and cared for, which a lovely feeling especially when life is challenging. 

Wendy, 53, Writer & Academic Researcher

I really appreciated Ania’s calm and unruffled presence, and her intuitive sense of what my body needed. I couldn’t always say exactly what I needed – sometimes it’s not as simple as ‘this hurts’ – but she was always able to provide me with a treatment that supported my overall sense of peacefulness and health. 

Jo, 52, Housekeeper

What an amazing space Ania provides. The calm, safe, welcoming, nurturing, uncluttered, non-judgemental and clear (head) space has been of immense benefit and relief to me over the past 14 months. Who ever knew an initial appointment for a bad back would lead to a far deeper reflection and inquiry within. 

Ania Szczepanik – Acupuncturist

Hello and welcome to my website.  I am an experienced acupuncturist and complementary therapy practitioner working in Oxford.  I use my knowledge of traditional Chinese acupuncture and modern bodywork techniques to effectively restore and maintain health.  My intention is to listen to you carefully and to tailor individual sessions skilfully in response to your needs, creating a truly holistic and unique treatment for you.

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