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Who has acupuncture?

A wide variety of people of all ages use acupuncture. Some women use acupuncture for support throughout their pregnancy. Children can benefit from acupuncture. It is also used alongside western medicine in palliative care. Many people first seek acupuncture for help with painful conditions such as osteoarthritis of the knee, headaches or low back pain. Other people choose acupuncture when their body systems are out of balance, even though they have no obvious diagnosis. Some choose to have regular treatment because they find it beneficial and relaxing.

Is there evidence that acupuncture works?

Evidence of acupuncture’s effectiveness is growing. A large systematic review concluded that acupuncture was effective for chronic pain: osteoarthritis, back pain, neck pain, headaches, and shoulder pain. This review also showed that acupuncture was not a placebo and the effects persisted over time. Acupuncture has been included in the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines for Headaches (CG150) and for Chronic Primary Pain (CG193). The Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN): Management of Chronic Pain (136) guidelines include acupuncture for lower back pain and osteoarthritis.

For many conditions a sufficient number of high quality clinical trials have yet to be conducted for researchers to draw firm conclusions. You can find detailed evidence on the British Acupuncture Council website: www.acupuncture.org.uk.

How can acupuncture help me?

I will treat you as a person, not just the condition which you have, so each person’s treatment plan will be different. I will be happy to offer a free chat about how acupuncture can help you.

What do acupuncture needles feel like?

Acupuncture needles are so fine that most people don’t feel them being inserted. It is normal to feel a mild tingle or dull ache as the needle is adjusted. Many people feel deeply relaxed during the treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

Weekly sessions are quite usual to begin with, for perhaps five or six treatments, reducing in frequency as your body responds.

Is acupuncture safe?

Acupuncture is one of the safest forms of healthcare you can choose. Definitive surveys in the UK and Germany concluded that when practised by a properly trained qualified traditional acupuncturist, the risk of serious adverse events from acupuncture is extremely low.

Are there any side effects?

Sometimes a small bruise may appear when a needle is removed. Occasionally, people can feel dizzy or tired for a brief time after treatment.

Should I tell my doctor I’m having acupuncture?

If you have been prescribed medication I recommend you tell your doctor that you plan to have acupuncture. Do not stop taking your medication. You should tell me about any medication and supplements you are taking.

I am trained to recognise potentially serious underlying health conditions and will refer you to your GP if appropriate.

Will my health insurance pay for acupuncture?

Some health policies now cover treatment with BAcC registered acupuncturists so check with your insurer.

Mohamed, 45, Development Consultant

Ania is a unique therapist, not only with superior technique, knowledge and skill, but a true gift that is hard to describe in words. Ania’s ability to listen after asking the right questions makes every session different. I am immensely grateful for the profound emotional, spiritual and material changes that have resulted from this beautiful and mysterious process of Ania’s treatment over the last few years. 

Margret, 44, Lecturer

When I came for my first session with Ania several years ago, I was immediately taken by her warm and understanding presence. Her treatments, be they acupuncture, massage, or craniosacral therapy, are an amazing experience: she listens and feels into what my body and mind need at any given moment, and tailors each session to suit the situation. I am very grateful for lively discussions, understanding silences, and above all, for treatments which leave me relaxed and refreshed. 

Gabriela, 36, Writer

Ania has a way of listening beyond words, so that you feel she’s already beginning to get a sense of you from the start. And her reaction is one of acceptance and compassion. For me this is what has unlocked everything: if we can feel understood even before we start speaking, then what follows is the truth, and having the space – and time – to tell our truth and be heard is healing enough. Ania reminds me that it’s okay to slow down, to indulge a little, to give yourself the appraisal that you need.

Martin, 74, Retired

 Ania has a healing touch. I feel completely calm and cherished and reprieved of those aches and pains that almost inevitably happen at my creaky age.  An hour with Ania is a precious respite and a present to one’s body.  

Laura, 30, Youth Worker

 Ania has been my go-to therapist for many years now. Her sensitive, holistic and mindful approach has been of great benefit to me during physical and emotional challenges in my life. Ania makes me feel safe and enables me to relax deeply in order to reap the benefits of the treatment. On occasions that I go to her with a list of ailments, she is quick to assess me and move into a treatment tailored to my exact need, drawing on her many skills of massage, acupuncture and craniosacral therapy. After a session with Ania, I come away feeling a sense of relief after having put my body into her hands and it is always a nurturing experience. 

Lynn, 56, Social Worker

I came to find Ania three years ago following an emotional crisis; her skill and insight in providing treatment for my pain was astonishingly helpful. I was desperate to find some relief and through her work with me that’s what I came to know. Since then she has provided assistance following a major car accident and her expertise coupled with her gentle compassion has been instrumental in my recovery. Her treatment has provided a level of pain relief that I am so thankful to have achieved.

Clare, 42

My treatments with Ania have given me back an inner sense of balance, health and wellbeing that I have not been able to find through conventional medicine. I appreciate Ania’s calm and nurturing manner, together with her very thorough and professional approach. I have found this to be reassuring and dynamic: creating a unique and powerful treatment that I haven’t experienced anywhere else. 

Lucy, 45

Having treatments with Ania is a wonderful experience. Her care and compassion are clear from the minute you meet her, and continue into her treatments, whether through acupuncture or bodywork. I have benefited hugely from treatments with Ania, both physically and mentally. I have had pain relief, a sense of greater well-being, and a real experience of being cared for. I would highly recommend her as a practitioner. 

Clare, 39, Occupational Therapist

I have been to Ania for years, sometimes sporadically and other planned treatments. I always feel listened to and that the treatment meets my needs. She always welcomes me with warmth. Amazing treatments and brilliant when pregnant. 

Tom, 28, Business Consultant

Ania is a friendly, skilled practitioner operating in a relaxing and professional environment. She is genuinely interested in discussing and understanding your treatment needs. I have always found her treatments to be immensely relaxing and a great way to de-stress. I would thoroughly recommend her as a therapist. 

Giles, 58, Violinist

Ania has magic hands. As a musician, I have a lot of chronic muscle strain, and I have worked with Ania for several years on improving my back. She has helped my body to remember how it ought to be and feel. The treatments are deeply relaxing, and her wide-ranging expertise enables her to treat different problems in different ways. I leave my sessions feeling renewed. 

Marie, 45, Lecturer

I’ve benefitted tremendously from Ania’s treatments, which have helped me navigate the challenges posed by chronic illness as well as bereavement over the past several years. Ania is not only a terrifically gifted therapist, she listens carefully to what I — and my body — are saying, and helps me ‘tune in’ too. I very much appreciate her warm, discreet and caring manner, and always leave our appointments feeling serene, supported and refreshed. 

Louise, 46

I’ve benefitted from treatment with Ania in so many ways – and not just physically. She offers a safe space to relinquish all concerns. Ania has a kind heart and is wonderful listener as well as a very compassionate practitioner. Her treatments are holistic, tailored, and considered. I feel grounded and balanced after a session, as well as very supported and cared for, which a lovely feeling especially when life is challenging. 

Wendy, 53, Writer & Academic Researcher

I really appreciated Ania’s calm and unruffled presence, and her intuitive sense of what my body needed. I couldn’t always say exactly what I needed – sometimes it’s not as simple as ‘this hurts’ – but she was always able to provide me with a treatment that supported my overall sense of peacefulness and health. 

Jo, 52, Housekeeper

What an amazing space Ania provides. The calm, safe, welcoming, nurturing, uncluttered, non-judgemental and clear (head) space has been of immense benefit and relief to me over the past 14 months. Who ever knew an initial appointment for a bad back would lead to a far deeper reflection and inquiry within. 

Shelly, 45, Massage Therapist

 I have been receiving acupuncture periodically for 20 years to treat specific symptoms and as a part of a balanced, preventative approach to my overall well-being. Being in the industry, I have received treatment from a variety of experienced, gifted and adept practitioners. My experience with Ania is every bit as effective and enjoyable as any I have had. Her warm manner, thorough interview and listening skills and innate ability to accurately diagnose and treat all combine to create a comprehensive healing and balancing environment for the client. I would unhesitatingly recommend her acupuncture services. 

Catherine, 32, Fundraiser

 I fully recommend my experience of acupuncture with Ania, she has a warm professional manner and I trust implicitly that she is committed to my wellbeing and recovery. I have found acupuncture to be an important contributing factor to my recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / M.E. 

Erica, 43

I had been suffering for months with a strained muscle, which over time turned into a constant painful spasm that limited my movement. I had tried several different types of treatment with no joy. I went to see Ania for a deep tissue massage but after the first consultation, Ania thought that acupuncture would probably be more suitable. And she was right! Just after the first treatment I felt the muscle had started releasing. After three sessions the spasm had gone and I could start the process of recovering the full range of motion, which I now have!  Ania’s holistic approach to the body gives her the extraordinary strength of addressing an issue with a range of different techniques for the best results. And she always makes you feel welcome and in the right place.

Nicky, 58

 Ania has been working on my heart palpitations and after a few months of seeing her every fortnight, I’m happy to say they have reduced by about 80%. I always look forward to my visits: Ania is deeply kind; a wonderful mix of gentleness, positivity and quiet determination as well as having great depths of intuition and knowledge. She brings all of these to her practice with steadfast encouragement and lightness of touch. She is always reassuring in the assiduous and precise way she places her needles and with her obvious resolution to root out the source of a problem – whilst all the time being absolutely allowing and approachable and constantly checking one’s comfort and reaction. I have no hesitation in recommending her most earnestly. 

Anonymous, 60, GP

Treatments with Ania helped me get through a time in my life when I was suffering from back pain and was working long hours. Acupuncture gave me pain relief that usually lasted a day or two and enabled me to continue to work. I also felt calmed and cared for by the process and would use it as an adjunct for other standard medical treatments again. For example, I recently suggested to my husband that he saw Ania to help him deal with treatment side effects for a serious condition. Ania listens very well and has a lovely gentle, calm manner, which puts you at ease in and of itself. I liked the way that she was prepared to answer my questions about acupuncture as we went along. I felt she was trustworthy. 

Sabine, 42, Lecturer

 Ania is an excellent acupuncturist, mastering different techniques. She is very professional and takes good care of her patients. Sessions have been very helpful to me and have quickly had good effects on my digestive problems. I feel much better now! I recommend her to anybody willing to start acupuncture treatments. Do not hesitate: you will be in good hands! 

Sarah, Homeopath, 43

Acupuncture with Ania really helped me when I had become very run down and overtired with two small children and a partner travelling abroad a lot. The acupuncture sessions helped me to recharge myself and build up my energy levels again, as well as bring back a sense of joy to my life, having felt everything was a bit of a slog. Ania creates a wonderful, calming, therapeutic space in which to unwind and replenish. 

Brendan, 58, Teacher

Ania has treated me on several occasions, primarily for acupuncture. I have always left a treatment feeling refreshed, relaxed and more optimistic than when I arrived. On my first appointment with her I very quickly felt at ease, as her manner is friendly and welcoming. Of necessity, she spent some time finding out personal details in order to be able to treat me holistically, but her manner was very professional and the questioning was subtle and carefully worded. During the treatment she always told me exactly what she was going to do next and I felt relaxed and confident throughout.