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Craniosacral therapy is an extremely gentle form of body therapy that supports the body’s innate ability to balance and restore itself. During sessions you lie clothed on a treatment table and I use sensitive touch to feel tensions and subtle flows within your body, working with the underlying forces that facilitate health. Contact is usually made with the feet, head and the base of the spine, and often with other areas too.

It is a deep form of listening to the body, allowing you to settle into calmness and balance. The subtle dialogue between me and your body helps to reorganise the effects of life’s experiences, both physical and emotional, and encourages your body’s innate resources. Treatments offer you a safe and accepting space to notice and attend to what’s happening within you and find a point of stillness, well being and ease in your day-to-day life.



Joanna, 58, Yoga Teacher / Mother

 Whatever issue I present with, be it a body or emotional ache or pain, Ania’s gentle and assured manner provides a still point from where my problems can begin to resolve. Six years ago I suffered a traumatic shoulder injury that left me with multiple problems and pain, despite having seen a number of chiropractors and osteopaths. I found that Ania’s non-judgemental acceptance and clear treatment protocols allowed a deeper relaxation to occur, within which my body could begin to heal. I would highly recommend Ania’s craniosacral sessions to anyone wanting to experience a deep and profound restorative therapy. 

Brita, 51, Therapist

 I found craniosacral therapy with Ania to be enormously beneficial to my health and well-being, even though I didn’t come with a particular issue or problem to work with. The sessions impacted me in a gentle yet influential way. I always left the treatments feeling more resourceful and with a greater sense of openness that emanated from somewhere deep inside. I was always amazed at how my body responded to each session differently, sometimes just by relaxing and finding more space within myself to unwind and de-stress and other times in how I was really able to connect to what was blocked and needing attention. I really appreciated Ania’s warmth, genuine compassion and ability to make me feel as though I were the only person she was treating. She is very kind and has a deep respect of people and her art. 

Josephine, 56, University Administrator

The craniosacral therapy treatment was wonderful – I felt I had been taken on a journey into a rather magical natural place. The pain in my right leg has virtually gone after the treatment – quite amazing as this is a difficult one to shift! I also feel as if my inner energy is much calmer and more focused. I found Ania a really gifted practitioner.  She was so calm and centred – her touch was just right – firm but gentle. And I felt very safe – Ania emanated an aura of grounded integrity. I often feel wary of opening up or relating inner experiences but I did not feel that obstacle at all so I just sank down into it and felt very easy about relating what I felt and saw and did not feel vulnerable or exposed. 

Sarah, 46, HR Manager

My craniosacral therapy sessions with Ania brought a deep level of change and awareness for me. Ania created a safe, calm and trusted environment, which allowed me to quickly proceed with our work. Each and every session she managed my varying energy and mood gracefully. She listened attentively, offering care and empathy but with a very good distance that encouraged me to explore my own experience, with the knowing that Ania was a steadfast presence on the shore of my seascape. During the treatment, Ania helped me to feel that I was co-creating the healing and expansion. Overall, her guidance enabled me to respond more nimbly to my own body’s messages whether it be about food, rest or exercise. Each client Ania cares for will be better off for knowing her.

Sophie, 39

Ania is a sensitive and attuned practitioner. She creates and holds a deeply healing and safe space.  I highly recommend her craniosacral therapy treatments.